Vacuuming & Mopping, Why and When?

When living in an apartment (or really anywhere with a floor), it is necessary to purchase both a vacuum cleaner and mop, and use them regularly. We strongly recommend vacuuming and mopping once a week.

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How often should I vacuum or mop?


  • Check that the vacuum’s filter and dust bag/chamber is clean before you begin vacuuming.
  • Pick up large pieces of trash—pieces of paper, paper clips, hair pins, etc.—before vacuuming
  • Empty dust bag/chamber after vacuuming


  • Always use hot water.
  • Always wring out your mop well. Excess water can damage your floor.
  • Have clean water available to rinse your mop of mopping solution as you’re mopping.
  • Here is a useful, step-by-step guide to mopping that elaborates on what we have here.

Cannot WAIT til Moppin' Mondays...

Cannot WAIT til Moppin' Mondays...

Why should I vacuum and mop once a week? 

When dirt is ground into the fibers of carpet and isn’t cleaned regularly, it can be impossible to get clean. Damage from oil, especially cooking oil, often results in full replacement of carpet.

Vinyl flooring can stain from caked on dirt and oils if not cleaned regularly. Keep up regular habits and you'll be thanking yourself later.