Water & Power Option

Fewer Bills, Simpler Life

To simplify the management of your bills, we can manage the electricity and water for your apartment, if you like. We just started this in 2012, and so far many of our residents are enjoying the simplicity of making 1 payment, instead of 3 or more.

There's a generous usage cap, but you may be billed for repeated overages. We look at the usage over time, so if you use a lot of electricity in August but less in October, we call it square and don't bill you. We'll also let you know if you've run high one month, so you can try to bring your usage back down. The whole idea is to make your life simpler, not hassle you with overage charges every month.

If you want to include Water & Power in your rent, just say so on your application. You can also add or remove Water & Power at a later date by talking with our office.


Cable & Internet?

We now offer free Cable and Internet at Cross Creek and Surrey Square, and it is included in your baseline rent! 

The internet is 60/mbps, all wireless, and is cast by a modem/router box built into the wall in the living rooms. Internet and cable are powered through Charter Spectrum and has 24/7 customer support.

Every apartment is allotted one cable box that the resident will need to pick up from the local Charter Spectrum office. It is recommended to pick up box regardless of cable use. When you get a box and set up and account with Charter Spectrum, you can use your account to gain access to online streaming services like: ESPN, FOX, CBS, NBC Sports. That way if you still prefer to stream, you will have access to streaming services that require cable log-in credentials. 


The prices per room for Water & Power are listed on the pages for each layout. We've done the work of figuring out average usage for units of each size, and have set it up so that by paying a flat monthly rate year-round, the highs and lows are accounted for — assuming reasonable, earth-respectful usage. You'll have a simpler budget, and don't have to set up accounts, pay additional deposits, or split bills with your roommates.

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