Roommate Matching

Yes, we can help you find roommates.

We offer to help match you with potential roommates at no charge. Here's what we do:

  1. You fill out a free application, so we know how to get in touch with you. This doesn't obligate you to anything, and doesn't cost you anything, either. No worries.
  2. In the application, tell us what size apartment you'd prefer.
  3. We'll put you in touch with other people who are looking for roommates. We'll let you meet and talk ahead of time, and decide if you'd like to live together. We do not do random roommate assignments. We want everyone to approve and be happy with the people you're going to live with. 
  4. If the first group you talk to isn't right for you, just tell us, and we'll try another. No hard feelings.
  5. Once you've connected with great roommates, you sign a lease and we add you to the apartment.

Simple as that!

Since we facilitate meetings, but do not force people to live together, we cannot guarantee you a room. But we'll do everything we can to figure out whether there's a place for you quickly, and to match you with someone suitable. If we can't match you, you're not committed to anything until you've signed a lease.

Details about leases, lease term, pricing, and packages may vary depending on the apartment.