Recycling service is included.

Single-stream recycling service is included for all residents in the Baseline Package at all properties we manage. You can download a list of recyclable items, or learn more at the ACC Recycling Division site.

We do our part.

We are in the process of replacing appliances in all of our apartments over time. Where possible, we are installing High Efficiency (HE), EnergyStar-rated, and/or appliances with resource-conscious features. All our appliances are electric, with no gas appliances or heat.

We have also been replacing the central Heating & Air with EnergyStar-rated HVAC systems as necessary. These systems have dramatically-improved energy efficiency over older systems.

There are ceiling fans throughout all our apartments, which can regulate temperature more efficiently than just using the central heating/air.

We install (and will replace at no charge) LED or low-energy bulbs throughout our apartments in provided fixtures, whenever possible.

Our office uses as little paper as possible, and obviously we recycle, too!