Water is Very Corrosive.

Water can do incredible damage to apartments. And we're not just talking about flooding. It's sneakier than that...

Areas of your apartment where water is commonly used —bathroom, kitchen— are often more susceptible to damage. Water that lingers on walls, trim, and floors can cause staining, mildew, and rot. Apart from evoking a general ick factor and smell, these damages permanently degrade the quality of the flooring, caulk, wood trim, and paint.



Golden Rule: As much as you can, keep walls and wood trim free of moisture, and do not leave puddles of standing water on vinyl flooring.

How do I prevent water damage?

  • Make sure your shower curtain is totally closed so that water isn’t making it on to the floor or wall outside the shower.
  • Dry off before stepping onto the bathroom floor. This reduces puddling on the bathroom floor.
  • Invest in a shower mat to place outside your shower.
  • Turn on the bathroom vent while you shower to help reduce humidity.
  • Immediately clean up an puddles that form in the bathroom or in the kitchen.
  • Clean your bathroom and kitchen regularly.