Here's what we do.

We don't run specials, we don't charge extra fees; there's a fully-refundable $100/person Deposit, and Rent. Every one of our residents receives the same Baseline level of service.

We do a lot of work before you move in. We paint all the walls, steam clean the carpets, re-key the locks, and clean/repair/replace everything from the door hinges up. We want to give you a home that's in great shape.

Our care doesn't stop when you move in. We do whatever maintenance is needed for the entire duration of your lease, to make sure your apartment stays in the best shape possible. We love to keep small problems from becoming big ones, and ask that you let us know about even the smallest issues.

Excellent Service and Upkeep

  • Helpful Management
  • Attentive Maintenance
  • Guaranteed Pest Control
  • Full-Service Landscaping
  • Recycling & Trash Service
  • No Vertical Neighbors
  • Parking at both Cross Creek and Surrey Square
  • Bus Line #12 Every 15 Minutes. Surrey Square is right in front of the first and last stops on Riverbend Pkwy. The first stop will ensure that you get a seat, but if you miss the bus on the first pass, it'll be back at the stop across the street in just a few minutes.

All Major Appliances and Systems

  • All Major Kitchen Appliances (Microwave, Stove with  Full-Size Oven, Dishwasher, Fridge with Icemaker, Disposal)
  • Full-Size Washer & Dryer in every apartment
  • All-Electric Central Heating & Air
  • Ceiling Fans Throughout
  • Large Electric Water Heaters
  • Energy-Efficient Bulbs Throughout
  • Optional Security Systems
  • Saltwater Pool On-Site

Here's what else we can do.

We offer a variety of services in a modular, "as you like it" style, where we can handle as many of the bills and services as you like. If you want to do it yourself, you have that choice. You can set up accounts, pay extra deposits, and split bills amongst your roommates; or we can give you a flat monthly rate that incorporates those things, too.

We're going to help you take care of your home, no question. And if you want simpler bills, we offer that as a service that many of our residents appreciate and enjoy.

We can manage your Internet, Water, and Electricity.

Wireless Internet, Water/Sewer, and Electricity. From +$80/room. All the essentials, averaged over time, included in a single payment. Our goal is not to bill for overages; we've calculated these rates based on average usage over a year, so the highs and lows are accounted for. If you practice basic responsible conservation, you won't have to pay anything else.

You get your own internet connection. Our internet service is Charter's 30mbps service, run to each apartment, not shared by the whole property. Your apartment gets the security and reliability of its own connection with its own wireless router. You can call Charter or us if you need anything.

Additional television service can be added to the Utility Package for as little as +$20/room.

Choose your layout for specific pricing.

We can furnish the Common Areas, and any number of Bedrooms.

Fresh Furniture. When you move into your apartment, you will have a fresh set of furniture installed, following our usual thorough cleaning, steaming, painting, and upkeep during the week before you move in.

Start with the Common Areas. From +$45/room, you can get your Living Room and Dining Room furnished, with top-quality professional furniture including a 32-inch flatscreen TV and plenty of seating. See the full collection here.

Add any number of Bedrooms. Then if anybody needs their bedroom furnished, we can provide a full set of furniture including bed, fresh mattress/boxspring, desk/chair, dresser/mirror. Furnished bedrooms are priced from +$105/room, including your share of the Common Area furniture.