1. Apply using the form below.

Most year-long leases start July 31, 2016. We may have some spaces available at other times.
Your Contact Information
Name *
Birthdate *
Phone *
Previous or Permanent Address *
Previous or Permanent Address
Your last address, or a more permanent address such as a parent's home address.
Who should we contact in case of an emergency? Please include as many names and numbers, as well as their relationship to you.
Student or Employment Information
Please include details about both, if appropriate.
Roommates and Referral
Are you applying with anyone else? Please list their names.
How many total bedrooms are you and your roommates looking for?
Are you interested in our Roommate Matching program, where we can introduce you to possible roommates?
Do you want us to include the water and electricity in your rent, at the rates listed on the layout page? You can decide this later.
Do you want us to furnish the apartment, at the rates listed on the layout page? You can decide this later. If you want to know more, please call us or select, "I'm not sure."
If someone referred you, please put their name so we can thank them!

2. Email us a Photo ID.

Please email us a copy of your Drivers License, Student ID, or International Visa. It may be easiest to take a photo of it with your phone and send it by email. You may also provide an ID when you visit our office.

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3. Sponsor Guarantee 
OR Credit / Income Verification 
OR International Student Visa & Proof of Enrollment.

  1. The simplest way to complete your application is to have a parent/guardian fill out the Sponsor Guarantee. This form needs to be notarized by a Notary Public at any major grocery store or bank's customer service desk. Then you can mail it or bring it to our office.

  2. If you are an international student, you should email us a copy of your current valid international Visa and proof of enrollment in a local university.

  3. We can also complete your application by performing a basic credit check (with a minimum score of 700), and asking for 3 months of income history (your income should be 3 times your share of the monthly rent). Please call our office at (706) 543-8505 if you would like to go this route.

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4. Sign the Lease AND Pay the Holding/Security Deposit.

Once steps 1-3 are completed we will send you a lease to sign via Appfolio. At the time of signing the lease, we ask that the full Holding/Security Deposit of $250/person be paid. Payment can be made online (through Appfolio), check, or money order. This commitment holds your apartment, and then becomes the fully-refundable Security Deposit, which we prefer to return in its entirety when you move out, provided you have taken good care of the apartment.

Download an example lease as a PDF. 

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5. Follow-up Steps Before Move-In.

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